Join us on Saturday for our Christmas Eve service at 5pm! (No service Christmas Day)


We believe that man was created by God in His own image and for his glory; but that man sinned and fell short of God’s glory, and thus incurred physical, spiritual, and eternal separation from God. We believe humanity has inherited a sinful, human nature, opposed to God’s law. As a result they are under condemnation. We reject justification by works of the law, and we believe that only those who trust Jesus Christ as their Savior, by virtue of His atoning death on the cross, submitting to him as Lord, are justified, delivered from condemnation, and receive eternal life. We believe that this faith leads to a heartfelt turning from sin and repentance. The Christian life involves growth in grace through persevering, Holy Spirit-empowered resolve to reckon ourselves dead to sin and alive to Christ. (Genesis. 1:26-7; Genesis 3; Genesis 2:17; 3:19; Eccl. 2:11; Matt 13:44; John 1:13; John 3:14; 3:16; 5:24; John 5:30; 7:13; 8:12; 10:26; 17:3; Psalm 51:7; Jeremiah 17:9; James 1:14; Romans 3:19; 5:19; Phil 3:7-8; I John 1:9; II Corinthians 5:17; Romans 6:11; 8:1; I Corinthians 15:1-2: Hebrews 3:12-14; Hebrews 6:11-12; Hebrews 10:39; Rom 3:28)